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Learn to thrive through life's challenges with Adversity and Resilience Speaker,
Jasmine C. Williams


Life is hard. Jasmine makes it easier to talk about the failure and adversity we all experience.

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Stop Half-Assin’ It

This hard-hitting, direct, but well-received signature program prescribes just what the doctor ordered for overwhelmed students or staff.

Audiences will leave inspired to overcome adversity, develop resilience, and develop positive coping habits – no matter what life throws their way.

Just a Little Spark:
This is Not a Drill

This empowering program provides students with the tools to build an effective mental health action plan tailored to their own unique needs.

Audiences will leave equipped with the strategies and resources to proactively take care of their mental health.

Breaking up With
the Fear of Public Speaking​

This interactive workshop unlocks the secrets to overcoming your fear of public speaking.

Audiences will leave feeling confident about speaking – from the classroom to the board room.

Stop Half-Assin' It Keynote
Corporate Conference Speaker for Mental Health
Speaking at College Leadership Event
"Jasmine has such a welcoming and inviting presence. She has a great energy on and off stage that keeps attendees engaged throughout. I appreciate her vulnerability in sharing her story and experiences to help motivate and inspire students. Her keynote really hit a lot of points we are driving to our students across campus. She was such a pleasure to work with!"
Kimberly Swinney
Director of Student Life, Inver Hills Community College
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Mental Health.

After an unexpected loss her freshman year of college, Jasmine Williams hit rock bottom. Now she teaches audiences how failure and adversity can help them grow. Using her firsthand experiences, Jasmine helps audiences support classmates and colleagues through grief, anxiety, and other difficult experiences.

“GREAT message for our new students. Jasmine was wonderful."
Michael Malone
Associate Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students, Muskingum University
“Jasmine put together an extremely thoughtful presentation that captured exactly what we were intending to cover.”
Alex Patel
Vice President, Recruitment, TrueBlue