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4 Books That Will Help You Make (And Save) More Money


The coronavirus pandemic was the curveball none of us saw coming in 2020. Millions of Americans lost their jobs and millions more held on for dear life while they prayed  to avoid another recession.


At first, I was terrified. As a speaker a significant portion of my revenue comes from speaking on college campuses and events across the country. But even with a lack of in-person speaking engagements due to COVID-19, I still found a way to DOUBLE my business revenue in 2020.

My secret? Professional development. And I did most of it using one of the cheapest forms of professional development there is… books. I recently got a Kindle Paperwhite as an early birthday gift (if you’re on the fence about getting one, I highly recommend it!) and I’ve been reading more than ever.

Check out the four books I read in 2020 that helped me make twice as much money this year  – even during the pandemic.

1. Broke Millennial 

If you need finance 101 (even if you aren’t a millennial!) then this is the book for you, my friend. It covers everything from credit scores to savings interest rates to how to make a plan to finally get rid of your debt.


But even with this much information it was still a light, painless read that didn’t feel like a college textbook. And you definitely don’t have to read it cover to cover – I just bounced around to the chapters I needed the most. Take what you need and leave the rest.

2. Women & Money

Fun fact: I’ve been obsessed with financial guru Suze Orman (and learning about money!) since I was a little kid. I used to sit in the living room staring at the TV while Suze told yet another hopeful caller, “You cannot afford it!”


I had high hopes for a finance book written by Suze Orman and Women and Money did not disappoint. I personally loved how much background there was on why a lot of us women may struggle with certain financial decisions.

But most importantly, this book didn’t just talk the talk… I made several of Suze’s strategic recommendations and ended up with an extra $1,237 in my bank account in less than a month. Win!

3. Stop Getting in Your Own Way

This business book written by my friend Jaclyn DiGregorio isn’t just focused on making money, but on improving your overall mindset when it comes to life and money. One of my favorite sections is when Jaclyn outlined how she made a major shift in her own business.


If you want to be a CEO, start thinking the way a CEO would; start asking yourself “What business decision would a CEO make if they were in this position?” Don’t just wait until you become wealthy to start making better financial decisions.

4. Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies 

Okay – this one isn’t exclusively a finance book either – but I’m a firm believer that reframing the way I think has drastically increased my income. After reading this book I felt so understood.


That clarity and confidence helped me make more calculated risks in my life and my business! After reading this one, I had a breakthrough about ways to add an additional revenue stream to my business.

P.S. If you purchase any of these books through the links above I may receive a small commission from Amazon, but all opinions and recommendations are my own!

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