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the brand girls: Does anyone actually achieve work-life balance?

Ah, the elusive work-life balance.
You always hear people talk about it – as if it’s actually possible to get things completely 50-50.

When you’re at work, you’re 100% focused only on work-related things. When you’re away, you’re fully unplugged and enjoying your life.

Spoiler alert: this drastic balancing act does. not. exist. It is impossible.
When you are at work, there may be things in your personal life that are distracting.

A work emergency may come up after hours on your birthday (gasp!) that you can’t ignore. But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope to having some stability every day.  

Here are five tips to get the best of both worlds:

1. Set boundaries & stick to ‘em.
No checking email after 9 p.m.? No talking about work at Happy Hour? No accepting coworkers on Facebook? Check, check, check.

​Mental Health America credits technology for a lot of employees’ stress. “The same technology that makes it so easy for workers to do their jobs flexibly can also burn us out if we use them 24/7.”

2. Take a day off when you need one.
Mental health days are so important. Sometimes you just need to sleep in until 10, run errands, lounge around in your jammies, or read a book all day. 

It’s okay to take a personal day once in awhile, that’s why you have them! You’ll come back to the office refreshed and focused.

3. Make a list of your priorities.
If you’re 22 and your #1 priority is becoming partner before 30, you may not be able to leave at 5 p.m. every day. 

If your goal is spending more time with family, you might not make it to every work Happy Hour. Write down what’s most important to you & change your habits accordingly!

4. Master the see-saw.
It’s called balance for a reason. 

Understand that something urgent may come up at the office that you have to come in early to address. A family member may get sick during a busy work week. When in doubt, circle back to your list of priorities!

5. Find your outlet.
CrossFit, yoga, volunteering, meditating, adult coloring books, reading, whatever helps you relieve stress. 

According to Forbes, exercise is typically one of the first things people bump from their calendars when they’re swamped – although that’s when we really need it most! Kicking your endorphins up a notch is one of the most effective (and natural) stress relievers.

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