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Why who you are doesn’t change who I am

I’m that person who takes her cart back at the grocery store. 

I send flowers and Edible Arrangements on people’s birthdays. I remember anniversaries and probably know your Starbucks order. 

I’m the friend you text at 1 AM in the middle of a breakdown because you just can’t hold it in anymore. 

Some people ask me, “Why do you do these things for people when you know they wouldn’t do the same for you?”

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve EVER made was expecting others to do things for me because I do things for them.

Expectations like: “Why don’t I get flowers on my birthday? I sent her flowers last year…” and “How come no one thinks to bring me a Green Tea Lemonade on a busy day?”

One of the best lessons I’ve EVER learned is that when you genuinely do something out of kindness, it doesn’t matter if the other person returns the favor. 

No relationship is 50-50 and sometimes we give more than we take. Sometimes we take more than we give. 

But most importantly, we shouldn’t be keeping score. My new rule?

If I’m doing something with the expectation of getting it back? I don’t do it at all.

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