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The brand girls: How to finally get the raise you deserve

Let’s face it, we all know that plenty of us are doing far too much work for far too little money. There are a few common reasons this occurs:

  1. You didn’t negotiate the initial offer although it wasn’t quite what you felt was fair.
  2. You didn’t ask for a raise or promotion even when you felt you deserved one.
  3. You stayed at a company despite a lack of opportunities for upward mobility.

Each of these factors play a role, but let’s focus on the second one: asking for a raise or promotion when you feel you deserve one. A lot of employees don’t ask for raises or promotions for the same reason that they don’t negotiate their initial salary offers – it can be awkward and intimidating.

According to Business Insider, women are 15% less likely to receive a promotion than their male counterparts. Let’s solve that with one simple tip from The Brand Girls Founder and CEO, Rachael Bozsik: THE BRAG SHEET.

Rachael suggests that you create your brag sheet in a Google doc. This allows you to have access to it anytime, anywhere, and you can take it with you even if you leave the company. At the top of your brag sheet, write your job description and a few goals that you and/or your supervisor have established for your position.

Pick the least hectic day out of your work week and set up a recurring appointment on your calendar – once a week for 10-15 minutes. Each week during that time, write down any big wins. Did your boss appreciate how quickly you responded to your CEO’s request? Did you hook a big new client for the company? Find a new method of doing something that saves the company time or money? Write it all down says Rachael. 

FastWeb.com recommends using a brag sheet to help set yourself apart on college applications.

Pro tip: Back it up! If your boss sent you an email saying how impressed she was by how you handled a marketing disaster, screenshot it and include it in your brag sheet! When it’s time for your annual review or promotion discussion, you’ll be able to refer to specific times coworkers and supervisors complimented you throughout your tenure.

When it’s time to put yourself out there for a promotion or raise, don’t just look back at your brag sheet – use it! Take quotes and examples from throughout your role and use them in conversations with your manager. These will help show that not only do you want a promotion or raise, you deserve it.

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