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Last Month Was March Madness

Does anyone else sort of go into hibernation during the winter?

It’s a hard time of year for me to begin with and the cold weather coupled with shorter, darker days makes it even worse. To be honest, during most of the winter I feel like I’m just trying to get through.

But by the end of February/beginning of March, I start feeling like myself again. There’s a tease of more sunlight and the weather isn’t quite as brutal.

As good as that sounds, it also usually means I start kicking things into overdrive for all of the time I feel like I ‘lost’ during the winter.

I’m talkin’ longer to-do lists, playing catch-up on time with family and friends, booking huge speaking gigs…

My friend, if no one has reminded you lately:

  • Your life is not a timeline
  • Your life is not a to-do list
  • Your life is not a competition

One of my own personal mantras is ‘choose to stop half-assin’ it.’

Choosing to stop half-assin’ it sometimes means saying no to things that you want to do.      


  • ​Sometimes that means taking a break from something you love
  • Sometimes that means taking a mental health day to take care of yourself
  • Sometimes that means being patient with your goals

So whether you lived through ‘March Madness’ last month or you’re in the midst of some ‘April Showers’ this month, remember this:

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