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the brand girls: Three ways to regroup after a professional setback

You’re making your way through the first month of the new year with stride when the inevitable happens: you slip up on your professional goals.

It’s easy to freak out about the first mistake you make on your way to a big goal, but don’t worry, The Brand Girls is here with three ways to regroup after a professional setback.

1. Don’t panic.
Whether it was putting in extra hours to land a new client or impressing your boss with a new idea at your first job, no matter what your professional goals were – you can still turn things around.The most important first step is to not panic or overreact. 

Remember, it’s called a slip up for a reason. No one is perfect!

2. Adjust your original goals.
Look back at your original goals and try to figure out where things went wrong. It’s okay to change your goals if things aren’t working or they no longer feel realistic! At The Brand Girls, we’re all about progress, not perfection. 

3. Get back on track.
Don’t: Spend too much time on what you did wrong. You’ll stress yourself out and want to quit even more.

Do: Take the time to think about what you will do differently to prevent this type of setback in the future + get right back on track. Team BG knows you’ve got this!

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