Mental Health and Resilience Keynote Speaker, Jasmine C. Williams

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If you’re looking for a different type of speaker… you found her.

Stop Half-Assin’ It

In this hard-hitting, direct, but well-received signature program, Jasmine C. Williams prescribes just what the doctor ordered for overwhelmed students or staff. Combining her impactful personal story of overcoming adversity as a college student with clear, actionable steps to incorporate in your own life. Jasmine’s thought-provoking message and approachable style leaves audiences inspired to overcome adversity, develop resilience, and develop positive coping habits for short- and long-term success.

Audience members will…

  • Explore strategies to thrive in college and beyond – even when weighed down by adversity or difficult life experiences.
  • Consider the importance of positive and negative experiences for personal growth.
  • Develop an understanding of healthy vs. unhealthy coping strategies to improve their mental well-being during stressful situations.
"Thank you so much for your presentation. I have had similar experiences and was really losing hope. Your speech was very needed."
Fraternity and Sorority Life, New Mexico State University

Just a Little Spark: This is Not a Drill

Audience members will…

  • Practice positive, affirmative, help-seeking behavior
  • Develop a personalized plan to prepare for potential mental health crises
  • Investigate some of the most common feelings related to mental health and well-being for college students
“Jasmine was wonderful and very transparent with us leading up to the program. Our students walked away with many tangible steps and a new perspective in approaching the struggles that can occur during life.”
Abby Howard
Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life, New Mexico State University

Why don’t we intervene before it feels like our entire world is on fire? Because the challenges we face may start off as just a little spark. Yet the little sparks in our lives can quickly ignite – and suddenly our mental health feels like a blazing inferno. 

Jasmine knows from personal experience that there’s no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to improving your mental health. But she’s offering students something she didn’t have: a back up plan.

Her empowering program provides students with the tools to build an effective mental health action plan tailored to their own unique needs. As active participants in the development of their plans, students also learn to become their own advocates.

We know that the best time to prepare for a crisis is not when it’s occurring. This program offers strategies and resources students can utilize to proactively take care of their mental health. Whether they face a minor frustration or a life-changing event, their mental health action plan is on standby whenever they need it.

Breaking Up with the Fear of Public Speaking

Three out of every four people have a fear of public speaking. Whether we like it or not, public speaking is a crucial career skill for the classroom or board room.

From her undergraduate degree, working with one of the largest media companies in the country, and now as a professional speaker, Jasmine has developed a proven mindset and strategy to speak in front of any audience.

Audience members will…

  • Consider the importance of public speaking and its application in any career field.
  • Discuss how to craft content for any audience using a proven, three-step method.
  • Apply simple strategies to improve their speaking skills, such as how to stop using “like” or “um.”
“I could immediately tell that she was going to be dedicated to the project, genuine in sharing her story and committed to helping spread a positive message. She perfectly balances speaking in an eloquent, yet real way that truly connects with college students and millennials alike.”
Gina Palombi
Young Alumni & Student Engagement Coordinator, High Point University

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