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the brand girls: the first job etiquette rules all college grads should live by

Having your first job out of college can feel freeing. Money in your bank account? Check. Food in your fridge? Check. New work friends? Check.

But your first job also sets the tone for your entire career, so it’s important to make a lasting impression. Here are The Brand Girls’ first job etiquette rules that all college grads should follow.

Go easy at happy hour: Having work friends to grab dinner with can be a fun break from the office, but go easy at happy hour. While every industry and company is different, Business Insider recommends staying in ‘professional mode’ even when you’re not in the office.

The Brand Girls team agrees – that means sticking to the tried and true two-drink maximum rule for any happy hours or work events.

P.S. Always be responsible and share an Uber home!

Put your phone away: In college, we’re used to being able to talk to our friends whenever we want. While sending a silly Snapchat in class may have been funny, it can be seen as unprofessional at work. 

Our BG pro tip: Flip your phone down on the table during meetings so you won’t be tempted to check what your cousin just tagged you in on Facebook! 

Eye contact and handshakes aren’t old school: Our friends at Forbes share that body language reveals the ‘true meaning’ behind what you say. 

Actions like nodding, making consistent eye contact, giving handshakes and thanking people for their time go a LONG way for making (and keeping) relationships in the business world. 

Keep The Brand Girls’ first job etiquette rules in mind and you’ll be destined for the boardroom in no time – you go girl!

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