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the brand girls: oops! four tips for fixing your first big screw up at work

Making mistakes is a part of life, and will also be part of your career. But The Brand Girls wants to let you in on a little secret…

It’s not about the mistake you make, but how you handle it that really counts. Whether you’re at your dream job or first internship, here are our 4 easy tips to fixing your first big screw up at work!

Fess up: Once you realize that you made a mistake, the most important thing to do is to be upfront about what happened. 

Don’t try to cover it up or hide it from your team – this will only make the situation worse when the mistake comes to light later!

Take responsibility: This one will earn you major points with your team. Your boss will appreciate that not only did you keep them in the loop on the mistake, but you were accountable for it too.

Pro tip: Don’t play the blame game! If you played a role in the mistake, take ownership of it.

Come with your game plan: When you alert your boss or your team with a problem, you always want to have a solution ready. 

If you accidentally posted a tweet meant for your personal account to the company Twitter (with 1K followers – yikes!), what would your game plan be when you approach your boss? Tell us in the comments!

Correct & plan for the future: There’s a big difference between the first time you make a mistake and the 7th time you make a mistake… 

Once you’ve corrected the situation, make sure you take the proper steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again!

The most important thing The Brand Girls wants all fierce millennial women to know is that it’s okay to make mistakes! 

As your career coach, we want you to know that a big part of growing in your career is going to be taking risks – and they’re not always going to be successful. But with these tips, you’ll handle each one with style and class – and earn a lot of respect from your team for keeping your cool!

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