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the brand girls: three tips to spring cleaning your workplace

Spring is here, Spring is here! And there’s something about the warmer weather that just makes all of us at The Brand Girls want to get organized.

According to Inc, a clean workspace can “create an environment in which people can improve their performance and productivity,” and The Brand Girls team couldn’t agree more! Kick off your office spring cleaning with our 3 easy tips.

Use it or lose it: Getting into a ‘use it or lose it’ mindset helps us keep what we really use and throw away what we don’t.
The longer you stay at your job, the more stuff you’re going to collect over the years. If it’s not something you use often, file it away or toss it.

Cut back on paper copies: Are you one of those people who always has papers allllll over their desk? How many of those documents do you also have on your computer?

Unless you really need printed copies for your first job or internship , stick to digital and cutting back on paper copies.

Don’t forget to recycle (or shred) any copies you already have!

Scrubba dub dub: How many times a day do you touch your desk? Keyboard? Phone? Mouse? Germs live all over these surfaces, so bring in your disinfecting wipes and clean everything thoroughly. 

Pro tip: Wipe down your desk and phone weekly!

We feel better already, don’t you?

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