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My Top 10 Gift Ideas For The Blogger In Your Life

Disclosure: If you do purchase an item using one of my links I will receive a small commission!
Have you written your Christmas list yet!? This year, I made it really simple by using Google Sheets to put everything I wanted in one place and then share my list with everyone. 

All your friends and family have to do is pick what gift they want to get you and then delete it off the list, so no one else gets you the same thing! I liked doing this because I could keep my list organized and include my sizes, colors, and even the links. #TypeAProblems

If you’re struggling with what to get the blogger in your life, check out a few of the gifts I’m still raving about:

1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone
My mom got me this mic for my birthday and it’s perfect for recording interviews, voiceovers, or podcasts. It was really easy to set up and I love that it plugs right into your laptop.

I used this mic to record my interview on The Glow Up Podcast ​and Getrude Matshe’s Podcast, and the sound quality is incredible. It’s on sale on Amazon right now, so grab one of these before they run out!
2. Mic Drop Workshop Public Speaking course
Do you know anyone interested in a future as a paid motivational or keynote speaker? I enrolled in Mic Drop Workshop over the summer, a course focused on getting more women on stage to share their stories.

Check out two of the gigs I’ve booked since joining:

If this sounds right up your alley, you can sign up hereFeel free to email me if you have any questions!
3. Lap Desk
Whether you’re a blogger, you work from home, or you’re starting your own business, chances are you spend a lottttt of time on your laptop. 

My mom got me this Sofia & Sam lap desk for my birthday and I’m obsessed! The memory foam base is so comfy compared to some of the other lap desks I’ve used. There’s even a component that slides out for a place to put a wireless mouse and your phone. 

4. Gratitude notebooks
Has anyone else been doing #Last90Days with Rachel Hollis? This was my first year and it has really helped me focus on what’s important by writing down what I’m grateful for every day. 

Our family friends gifted me these gratitude journals for my birthday and they’re perfect for jotting down alllll the good things in your life. Grab one for you and a friend – they’re a steal on Amazon!

​5. A puppy
Come on, every blogger wants a puppy… I call our dog, Duke, my assistant, but fair warning: he does sleep on the job a lot.

We adopted Duke from Blues City Animal Rescue in Tennessee, where he was rescued from a kill shelter. If you’re serious about adopting your new best friend, take a look at their website!


While I absolutely love all of these gift ideas, you’d definitely win the holidays this year with the puppy just sayin’.

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